Health update and fun things we are looking forward to!

 In On the personal side

This summer has gone by so very quickly and I am not sure even where time has gone! Fall is just around the corner and I am so very favorite time of the year! I have so many weddings this year and will be so excited to share the pics with all of you! It’s so exciting to see people to be determined to press forward with celebrations despite uncertainty of COVID.  Beautiful weddings are on for this fall!!


A Little about my health journey. As some of you know I had a rough surgery July 23. They removed several tumors on my facial nerve. And it was so very scary because they just didn’t know how bad the outcome was going to be. They said it might be malignant looking at the MRI..and talked about me having severe facial paralysis for several months and the scares might be very extensive. WELL!!! So happy to say was BENIGN ..and there was NO facial paralysis and the scare, though it pretty long, did not cut over in my cheek area and isn’t as bad  as they thought! So grateful! The recovery has been slow and I’m not out of the woods yet with pain..but my energy levels are getting there and I’m happy to be working again!

Radiation is still necessary and I’m not looking forward to it..but I am believing God is going to carry me through. As I will be working despite it.  Thankyou for all who prayed for me and sent heart felt wishes..It means a lot! 😊


So I will be doing some fun fall treats..and staring in Sept I will be offering a monthly treat box you can order that will have selected assorted treats that will be great to just share with family or give as gifts. I can’t wait to share!


Thank you again for all your love and supporting small business! 😊



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