Dessert experiments!

 In Gluten free Baking

So if your wondering.. yes I do bake for my family! Go figure ..right? Well, I try! There is one thing you won’t find in my home and that is desserts and sweets in every cupboard! People always you have anything extra to spare? NOPE! I know if its around and not committed to an order , it will end up in my house and then we will eat it, and ya..that could get dangerous.

BUT! I love experimental baking! Due to my daughters allergies….I got sick of paying way to much money for a sweet treat that is gluten free/dairy free, and ending up tasting awful! I knew it was possible to make things still taste good and it be safe for her to eat. So, I am constantly trying new recipes, and tweaking them. Hardly EVER do I find something that comes out exactly how I know it could be. I have experimented with sooo many GF flours and vegan butters, and non dairy milks….and thrown so much away. Once in awhile Ill get something that is so good “ you would never know” its gf, and df!  Happy dances break out when that happens. 🙂

I have contemplated on starting to offer a limited menu on some of these treats for Debs Sweet Cakes. I am not sure, if anyone would be interested and is there a “need” for it. What do ya think? Would you buy? Do you know anyone who would be looking for GF and DF sweets?

Here is my latest I made for a family cook out. It is a rustic fresh blueberry galette…oh my goodnness, its even low sugar! I didn’t put much sugar in because the berries were so sweet!  I served it with coconut whip cream ( which is hands down, my favorite now..for real!) It was so yummy. The crust was tender and and crispy with out tasting like card board! Its one one my favorites now and it can be done with any fruit. It can be made in mini size like this or larger size.

Let me know if I should start to offer these kinds of treats!


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