French Macaroons

* lemon *Chocolate * White chocolate raspberry * *vanilla bean caramel

$18/doz ( 1 doz per flavor)

Fancy Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

These can be made into different shapes and sizes to fit your theme

$1.50-3.50(depending on size and design)

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dipped in white or milk chocolate. They can also be dipped in toasted coconut, almonds, sprinkles or chocolate shavings. Add a touch of edible gold or silver sparkle as well!

$1.50-2 each (depends on time of year)

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Dipped in white or milk chocolate. Can be decorated to fit your theme of party

$1.50-2.25 ea

Dessert Cake Pops

Upside down style.

*strawberry and cream *red velvet chocolate *chocolate salted caramel *Birthday Cake * Cookie Dough * Lemon Cream

$20/doz. Minimum 1 flavor per doz

Mini cupcakes

*Vanilla bean * chocolate with salted caramel buttercream *Chocolate with Raspberry buttercream * apple pie * strawberry and Cream * Lemon Drop

$23/per 24


Lemon tarts $28/per 24

Pecan tarts $28/per 24

Chocolate or pumpkin mini whoopee pies

$30/per 24

Brownie bites with chocolate cream garnish $28/per 24

Pineapple upside down bites $24/per 24